Voyage Optimisation

Centuries old voyage management systems, coupled with large fleet & tonnage, translatein to very large momentum. Altering the course of customary voyage management practices, having this gigantic momentum, is difficult.
This article will cover the scope of fuel optimisation using Blue water optimum speed services (BOSS) without delaying the vessel.The innovative service simulates the voyage for most economic Speed/RPM schedule, comprehensively allowing for all factors that can affect the voyage earnings.
Standard shipping contracts require a vessel to proceed at constant warranted speed on any voyage, WNSNP. But what if a vessel achieves an average warranted speed at the end of the voyage? What if it could be convincingly demonstrated at the commencement of the voyage itself that all stakeholders will benefit by following a most optimum speed schedule? What if the timely arrival of the vessel may be ensured? What if vessel performance could be tracked and compared on the flick of a button? And what if we could also help our planet Earth to be a bit greener? From a charterer, pool operator or owner perspective,our expectations from any voyage could be endless.  But we require a very all-inclusive system to make those timely informed decisions collectively under our direct control. BOSS is so absolute and yet a very flexible voyage management service that will make any boss’s wish list only taller.
BOSS uses enhanced data mining techniques and marine hydrodynamics functions to derive intelligence from completed voyage data and vessel test results. Advance algorithms are then applied for simulating the voyage in forecast/historical weather and other crucial factors of any voyage.
BOSS by default detects, any lost efficiency, for example, from increased hull or propeller roughness, malfunctioning engines, or other causes. Ship maintenance can be scheduled using real performance data rather than an arbitrary period based on past experience.
BOSS at a glance- Blue Water optimum speed services (BOSS) is a speed optimisation concept built on principles of intelligent speed simulation.
The salient features of this service are:-
  •  Customised online access- Access to the system by ship-owner, charterer, cargo owner, terminal and other stakeholders as per client requirement.Personal dashboard to all the stake holders (Owners, charterers, receivers, broker) to collectively decide most appropriate voyage plan
  • Continuous monitoring, observation and recommendation by BOSS voyage analysts 24X7.
  • Add-on services- Interactive Negotiation Tool, Speed - Fuel Consumption Calculator, Speed-RPM-FOC Curves and Voyage Plan Comparator (for comparison of voyage earnings/TCE).
  • Vessel Performance Curves- to view and analyze the trend of vessel performance.
  • Weather Routing-Latest technology for most optimal weather routing.                                                                                                                    Anticipating high fuel prices in years to come and the recent emphasis on reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emission have resulted in renewed interest in further optimising operational performance of vessel’s. Now is the time to deploy state-of-the-art technologies for voyage optimisation. Let us not just manage a voyage but optimise it too - Effortlessly at zero capital investment!!
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