Complete voyage Optimization

A typical Suezmax may consume up to 1500 MT in a trans-Pacific voyage. A weather foresight across the entire route space when used by a smart algorithm can help decide a route and a speed schedule that optimizes the fuel consumption for just in time arrival at the destination. Unlike traditional weather routing services, our algorithm exhaustively explores all possible speed and course combinations to decide the most optimal voyage plan under the constraints of the agreed CP terms and safe navigation guidelines. We have a proven track record of an average 5-7% fuel savings against a transparent voyage benchmarking system.

BOSS explores all possible voyage scenarios on a weather indexed grid and uses a combination of dynamic speed scheduling and weather routing to plan the most optimum voyage schedule. Dynamic speed scheduling allows the vessel to speed up or slow down in order to avoid exposure to adverse weather. Speed scheduling when combined with weather routing, further increase the scope of optimization by not only reducing bad weather exposure but also exploiting favorable winds and ocean currents during the passage.

Voyage simulations are performed using a vessel-specific hydrodynamic model based on data from previous voyage abstracts, vessel performance tests, and incoming noon reports through our MIRROR reporting system. Our dynamic programming based optimization algorithm takes into account several constraints including, but not limited to, the following:
  • Charter-party terms
  • Navigational hazards, ice limits
  • Vessel-specific restrictions - Max/Min RPM, Roll, Pitch
  • Speed constraints in certain areas HRA/VRA
  • Bunkering stoppages
These constraints ensure that the generated voyage plan is feasible in a real-world scenario and the estimates we get before voyage commencement are as accurate as possible. Once the exhaustive simulation is complete, BOSS finds a range of achievable arrival times under the given constraints and an optimum voyage plan can be generated for any given arrival time within this range.
Following are some of the advantages of BOSS optimization methodology against other weather routing services:
  • No retrofitting/Installation required onboard.
  • Vessel specific simulations ensuring accurate estimates and practicable voyage plan.
  • The vessel has direct access to the blue water technical experts 24X7.
  • The regular plan updates on every 5th day with the latest weather forecast or incases of deviation with projections.
  • Increase in repute among all the stakeholders and better customer relations.
  • Objective monitoring with man-machine combination to decide measures essential for further optimization.
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