BOSS - Voyage Optimization

Need for optimization

Strict regulatory framework, low freight rates and higher fuel prices outlook in the near future have placed spotlight on the need of fuel optimization. Furthermore, ship owners are looking for better return on their investment through operational efficiency and wanting to reduce the GHG emissions.
Vessel crew without any instant speed guidance in relation to fuel consumption results in burning more fuel then what is required. Vessel proceeding at constant RPM to achieve the C/P speed can be replaced with planned “Just in Time” schedules, made possible by Blue Water Optimum Speed Services (BOSS). BOSS establishes optimum RPM-SMG relation for vessel, taking into account all the internal and external factors that can influence fuel efficiency of the vessel. BOSS is designed to determine the most efficient RPM-SMG relation and monitor and report the fuel usage.
BOSS(Blue Water Optimum Speed Services)-BOSS application takes into account dry docking, hull and propeller condition etc and  is trained on the past performance data of the vessel. It receives way-point and desired arrival time from vessel. BOSS then simulate the voyage taking into all the data which affect fuel efficiency. Key data points are as follows:
  • Wind force and direction.
  • Sea current and direction
  • Wave and Swell height and direction
  • Hydrodynamic performance of the vessel
  • Speed restrictions areas i.e. HRA or straits.
BOSS uses most advanced hydrodynamic equations to calculate optimum voyage plan. Voyage plan is made basis 6 hours interval for five days on forecasted weather and historical data for the remaining period. Voyage plan is updated every fifth day on receipt of the latest weather forecast.
Simple to use:- BOSS Voyage plan is simple to use, Vessel has to maintain RPM as mentioned in the voyage plan corresponding to date and time. Speed, Fuel cons and weather factors are also mentioned for reference in the voyage plan.
Monitoring:-BOSS analyst in Blue Water rigorously monitor data received from the vessel and projected by BOSS. Root cause for any anomaly in the data is found and corrective measures are taken immediately.
Reporting:-BOSS also generates reports, which can be customised as per client’s requirement. These reports are made after comprehensive data analysis and help management to take informed decisions. Reports can be exported in required format with ease.  
Technical Insight:  
  • Web based application, no on-board installation is required.
  • Accessible by any computer with internet connection.
  • No hardware on board installation is required.
  • Can be customized according to client’s requirement.
  • Support any browser windows 97, 2000, Mozilla, Firefox etc.
  • Reduced fuel consumption for each leg up to 7%.
  • Reduced emission of CO2, NOX and SOX.
  • Better arrangement of offshore resources as ETA schedule is predictable.
  • Monitoring of vessel performance and corrective measures taken at right time.
  • Data analysis and reporting MIS for taking informed decisions.
  • TCE calculation for maximum earning.
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