Optimization through Planning and Monitoring

Impact of Blue Water Services

Blue Water Trade Winds Pvt. Ltd offers sustainable eco-tech integrated solutions and advisory services to global maritime industry.
Blue Water is pioneer in cargo heating management system for tankers carrying heated cargoes across the seas. This flagship service of the company uses innovative computer simulation techniques for planning the most optimum cargo heating schedule and remote monitoring of cargo heating performance on-board ships. Its implementation in more than 2200 voyages in the last five years helped our clients reduce fuel oil consumption for cargo heating operations by more than 25% and the corresponding boiler emissions. In some cases, our clients have even recorded up to 35% fuel savings annually.
Blue Water work in the field of Fuel Optimisation have been globally acclaimed and company bagged four prestigious international awards in a series in the year 2015 besides being finalist in Lloyds List Global Awards-2015.

Impact of Blue Water Services In the last 7 years, Blue Water has helped save over hundred thousand metric tones of fuel oil which is duly endorsed by our valued clients. The reduction in fuel consumption in turn corresponds to emission cut by over 32,8175 MT (CO2, Sox & NOx). Today, Blue Water not only provides cargo heating services to crude oil and DPP tankers, but also to many vegetable oil and chemical vessels. This new mechanism marks a wide departure from the cumbersome and often inaccurate systems of the past which are redundant now.
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