Optimization Through Cargo Heating Management Service

Penguins are a warm-blooded animal of cold climate. They survive in coldest and harshest climate on earth, where they can be the only animals there. It is rightly said that animal’s body is best living machine on earth

Blue Water team was inspired by this animal and applied a derivative philosophy to shipping through our service, which targets energy conservation. Cargo Heating Management Service aims to optimize boiler consumption on cargo heating through proper planning and monitoring of cargo heating operations on-board to assist the vessel staff and voyage operators.

What do we do?
  •        Pre-fixture estimation of cargo heating cost and any related queries.
  •          Prepare Cargo Heating Plan for the entire passage after loading of all parcels.
  •          Monitoring of Cargo Heating performance, recommendations, and troubleshooting       advice ensuring optimal fuel consumption and compliance with charterer’s heating       instructions at all times.
  •          Post Voyage Analysis and Apportioned Cargo Heating Log for re-billables.
  •          Periodic reporting of summarized data of all concluded voyages and comparison           with historical benchmark consumptions
  •          On-line access to CHAMP for data/reports of on-going and concluded voyages               through secured access.

How does it help?

  •  Standard Operating Procedures and Planned heating schedules, helps to further streamline the activities on-board.
  •  Better compliance with Charterer Heating Instructions.
  •  Objective Monitoring helps to avoid any dispute arising due to over/under heating and invalid Boiler consumption on Cargo heating .
  •  Supplementary voyage specific heating instructions along with suggested routine checks for guidance avoids damage to steam plant and corresponding costs.
  • Cargo heating during adverse weather/HRA/SECA/ECA transit is generally avoided.
  • Direct costs and man-hours incurred in the running and maintenance of steam plant is reduced.
  •  Time spent on steam plant reduces significantly and the ship staff can focus on the safety of navigation and other tasks.
  • Reduces GHG substantially, which helps in protecting our planet earth. 

Performance Till Date

Since its inception in 2008, Blue Water has come a long way in its endeavor towards one- of –its-kind energy efficiency project and created effective cost-cutting platform, providing support and enhancing ship owners and operators insight into their operations, green policies and core business processes.

We are helping a number of oil majors and ship owners in optimizing bunker consumption through cargo heating management service, since its inception in 2008.
     Quick Facts about Blue Water Cargo Heating Management Services:-

·        Total number of heated cargo voyages managed till date – 1982

·        Total Heated Cargo carried – 52.2 million MT

·        Total Fuel saved against benchmark (pre-inception cons.) – over 103,000 MT

·        Average fuel cons per laden day for 80,000 MT cargo parcel – 4.3 MT/Day

·        Emission Reduction – 351,950 MT (CO2, SOX & NOX)

·        Average Reduction in bunker consumption 30%

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