Vessel Speed Optimization Service (SOS)

“Timely arrival of the ship is not a successful economics, but with fuel savings is indeed...!”

What is Speed Optimization Services (SOS)?

SOS is an energy efficiency service which not only optimizes bunker consumption on main engine but also calculates accurate ETA and achieves it. Commercial factors are also given due importance to maximize voyage earnings. This service establishes a ship model for optimum RPM-SMG-FOC relation for any vessel, taking into account all the internal and external factors that can influence fuel efficiency of the vessel and voyage earnings.

How it works?

SOS derives knowledge from past voyage data and vessel performance test conducted by Blue Water using enhanced data mining techniques and marine hydrodynamic functions. Advance algorithms are then applied for simulating the voyage in forecast/historical weather; other important variables include cargo load displacement, ballast, trim, hull condition etc.
A detailed speed schedule is sent to the vessel which is generated taking into account minimum exposure of vessel to bad weather and achieving ETA with optimized M/E consumption.

What it does ?

  1. Vessel specific model is created by SOS utilizing its past voyage abstracts which precisely derives the relation between RPM, speed and FOC under various weather conditions.
  2. Weather and current data is fetched from a reliable source and then verified for       determining accuracy before voyage simulation.
  3. Speed optimization schedule is updated every 5th day with latest forecast weather and currents or in case of change in voyage orders.
  4. Combination of technology and human being set up a foremost monitoring platform. Alerts are sent to the vessel in case of any discrepancy in the reported data.
  5. Performance Evaluation report is prepared on completion of voyage covering end to end scenarios  highlighting the fuel savings achieved against logical benchmark.

How it helps?

1.      Precise ETA: Better management of offshore resources due to firm ETA calculated by SOS.
2.      Fuel Savings: Maximise scope of fuel savings and corresponding emission reduction without compromising with ETA.
3.      Effortless: Minimum involvement of Ship staff and Offshore Operations.
4.      Objective Monitoring: Voyage is closely monitored by our expert analysts and troubleshooting is carried out as and when required until desired results are achieved.
5.   Avoid adverse weather: SOS schedules speed in order to minimize exposure to bad weather.
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