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Fuel optimization is a much talked about topic these days, but not many feasible steps have been taken to incorporate it into practice. Blue Water’s small step forward in optimizing fuel oil consumption in cargo heating has made a large impact in terms of fuel oil savings realized in this domain.

Bluewater Optimum speed services (BOSS) is an environment-friendly initiative having focused on energy conservation. BOSS assures fuel savings of around 8-10% on the main engine without compromising with an arrival time of the vessel. Blue Water is consistently upholding for energy efficiency in shipping fraternity.
Blue Water’s continuous efforts and value addition in their service has seen them achieve following recognition in the maritime industry:-

  1. Lloyds List - Asia Awards (2012 and 2013) – Highly commended (Environment Category).
  2. Lloyd’s list -Middle East and Indian Subcontinent Awards (2014) – Highly Commended (Technical Innovation Category).
  3. Lloyd's List North American Maritime Awards (2015) – Winner (Technical Innovation Category). 
  4. Lloyd's List Middle East and Indian Sub continent awards 2015 – Winner (Big Data Intelligence awards).
  5. Lloyd's List Asia Awards 2015 – Winner (Big Data Intelligence awards)
  6. Seatrade awards Middle East and Indian Subcontinent Awards 2017- Winner (Fuel Efficiency Category)

With the lack of real interaction between vessel owners and charters, the potential savings through speed reduction often go unrealized. Blue Water saw an opportunity and endeavoured to bridge up the gap through BOSS. It is an intelligent speed simulation tool, which is trained on the data of completed voyages using enhanced data mining techniques for fitting marine hydrodynamic relations. BOSS simulates a voyage schedule based on the expected weather and market conditions.

Using BOSS can do away with the following systems as a minimum:-

1.   Weather Routing System.

2.   Performance Tracking and Fleet Management System.

3.   Live-Vessel Tracking System.

4.   Voyage Planning Software.

5.   Claims Management system.

6.   Performance trending and analysis.

In addition to the above, following unique services are packaged in BOSS:-

1.  A decision-making tool for best route/speed schedule in real-time weather and commercial scenario.

2.   Accurate ETA projection at the commencement of the voyage. 

3.  Close monitoring and reporting on a daily basis to ensure compliance with C/P terms and warranties.

4.   Capability to adopt any changes in voyage orders to update the route plan and estimates accordingly.

5. A transparent and logical bench-marking system for validating fuel savings by deploying BOSS.

6.    Tailor-made periodic reports to suit customer needs.

7.   Weather visualization module with animated winds and sea currents worldwide for any date and position.

8.   Online access to the system by ship-owner, charterer, cargo owner, terminal and other stakeholders, secured through personal login credentials.

9.   24 hours real-time data update basis changes in weather and market variables (freight, demurrage, bunker price etc)

10. Add-on service like Trim-Optimization, Virtual Arrival, and Voyage Performance audits.

11. Continuous monitoring, observation and recommendation by BOSS voyage analysts.

The BOSS team consists of well-experienced mariners (ex-master’s and chief engineers), weather analysts, marine commercial and financial specialists, Data mining and software professionals etc. Being a full-fledged maritime service provider, Blue Water strongly believes in promoting the endeavour toward more Greener planet by keeping a pollution free marine environment as one of its important goals. We take it as our responsibility to ensure that all our efforts constantly focused on contributing towards reducing harmful emissions, fossil fuel consumption and any other forms of marine pollution. 

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